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Katsukity 3DS Capture software asking for product ID

Katsukity 3DS Capture software asking for product ID

Postby aforestlife » Sun 29. Sep 2019, 05:58

I've been using my capture card 3DS from Katsukity just fine for months, but all of a sudden it is asking me for a product key whenever I try to use the software. I have no recollection of ever having a product key. I kept the box that came with the 3DS, and it came with a paper of instructions for installing the software, but it doesn't have my product key in it. I checked emails from Katsukity as well and it has information about my payment, but I don't see anything about a product key. Can someone please give me some advice for what to do about this situation, or any work around?

Some more information about the pop-up is that it says:

"Please enter the product key
Device ID=15EA0....

So you would think I could just enter in what is typed for me there, but it won't accept it. It just tells me "please enter the correct product key"

Thanks so much for any help in advance, please & thank you!
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Re: Katsukity 3DS Capture software asking for product ID

Postby Tecd0c » Sun 29. Sep 2019, 11:22

Hello Amy

15E0A575... this is not the key as I wrote you already at my mail.
Entering a ID where you been asked to enter your key never could work…
You supposed to get a key from Keity with your purchase, this is printed with the instructions sheet.
IF you do not have this anymore for what ever reason, then I cannot help you for free.
I can only get your lost key from one of my contacts where you will have to pay for this service.
Just answer my mail and we can continue this in private..
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Re: Katsukity 3DS Capture software asking for product ID

Postby professorkel » Sat 5. Oct 2019, 20:21

TecDoc, I'm having the same issue, can you send a DM to talk about pricing?
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