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[My Feedback] Feedback original DS Capture card

[My Feedback] Feedback original DS Capture card

Postby Arnold0 » Wed 27. Dec 2017, 15:29


So I just got back my original DS with a capture card.
I'm very satisfied with the service.

It was realy fast, I sent it on the 18th, and he got it the 22nd. He sent it back the same day he got it ! I got it back tooday via UPS (I paid the 22€ shipping option).
It was nicely packaged, better than what I did when I sent it.
It has a good quality Micro USB Cable, an audio cable and a small packet of candy :p
The hole for the USB port is nicely cut, and for people that doesn't know the DS too well, I'm pretty sure they would'nt notice something is unusual, unless they tryed to put the stylus in it (The stylus cannot be put inside the console now, because it is were the capture card is. I actually didn't even try because I can see a ribbon cable when watching in the hole)

I also got an email when he sent it, with links to download the drivers and capture program which is nice.

Overall I'm very satisfied, and I hope I will be able to stream MKDS online on wiimmfi soon ;)

Some pictures :
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Re: Feedback original DS Capture card

Postby Tecd0c » Wed 27. Dec 2017, 17:00

Thank you very much for your detailed feedback. I'm very happy when my customers are sattisfied!
Enjoy your Capture Card!
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