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Postby Thegutsygamer » Wed 29. Nov 2017, 01:17

So here's my story,

I bought a Loopy Capture Card for the original 3DS a few years ago and was pretty happy with it. However, after the New 3DS XL came out, I really wanted to just have that be my capture device. As of the time of this post Loopy has yet to release a Capture Card for the N3DSXL. Now I had known for a little while that another brand, Katsukitty, also made Capture Cards and had one for the N3DSXL, but, a lot of people only had negative things to say about their Capture Cards and service in general. Now I had known that Merki also sold Loopy Capture Cards and was a reliable person from reviews I read from Loopy's site and this site. Low and behold I saw that Merki started selling Katsukitty boards as well. So, I was a bit skeptical at first since I heard that Katsu Boards were reviewed poorly. However after doing a bit of research and reading the forums here, I bit the bullet and decided to purchase a board install from Merki.

Fast forward about a month later and here I am, and this is what I have to say about this Capture Card:

First of all, the customer service I received was nothing short of amazing! I had made a small error with shipping information that resulted in my package being held in customs in Germany (I live in the United States) and Stefan was polite and courteous enough, to pick up the package from customs after I paid him the custom fee and was in communications with me the entire process. The board was installed and sent back the very next day! Stefan had informed when he sent the package, sent me a tracking number and even packed an extra USB cable for me! Also the candy he sent with the 3DS was delicious!

Now for the actual product itself:

The software to run the capture card was easy to install thanks to the instructions that are provided, and so far this Capture Card is working perfectly and the USB port looks like it had always been there, very professional workmanship!

Needless to say I 100% recommend doing business with him and I am very happy with my purchase!


Service was great, Capture Card works great, buy this with no worries!
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