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Product key issues

Product key issues

Postby error068 » Mon 25. Feb 2019, 12:32

Hello! I've been having a problem with the Katsukity software recently andI was hoping someone would be able to help out. I ended up deleting the software by accident while clearing out disk space on my hard drive, and when it was recovered, it asked for my product key for the software. My problem is that the key I was provided when I first received my capture system no longer works. I did get my board replaced a while back due to some malfunctions but it's been working without changing my product key since, so I don't know why it would only become a problem now. I can contact with the Device ID for the new board upon request if you can help. Thanks in advance!
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Re: Product key issues

Postby Tecd0c » Tue 26. Feb 2019, 04:29

Please give me one day to contact them...
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